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Various factors could lead to tooth darkening or discoloration. The most common factor are : the intake of staining fluids, such as cola, tea, coffee or wine; tobacco; cigarette smoking and so on. However, as aesthetic smile of patients have increasing number dramatically over the last few years, teeth whitening treatment has become so popular on the market.

Roughly, teeth whitening has been always related to home bleaching in the past. Home bleaching is effective and has become extremely popular for most teeth whitening lovers, However, it also produces some drawbacks. The complaints about home bleaching can be concluded as uneasy trays, gum and stomach irritation and unpleasant taste of gel. Mostly, the time consuming procedure is also been reminded as talking about teeth bleaching.

Advantages and disadvantages of At Home Bleaching

*Patients can choose the degree of whiteness. Want whiter, just do more.
*The most economic way to whiten teeth.
*Procedure is longer.
The duration of treatment lasts two or three weeks.

However, as in-office whitening has introduced to the market, the teeth whitening has become easier. Since the laser energy potentially accelerates the chemical reaction, in-office whitening expedites the process without raising the temperature of the teeth and avoids the damage of teeth.

In-office whitening is safe and will not soften enamel or existing fillings. The main ingredient in the gel used during the process is hydrogen peroxide. Dentists have used hydrogen peroxide solutions to whiten teeth for years and cause no problem at all.


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