Prosthodontics: A dental Crown

As we get older, many of us also find  that our teeth are no longer as structurally sound as we are young. Moreover, we will finally discover that our usual dental problems have lead to tooth damage. In this case, dental crowns be necessary for us if we want our teeth continue to work .

An improper bite, age, fillings and tooth decay are all contributing factors of teeth erosion, cracking or breakage of your teeth. If the entire surface of the tooth is damaged, but the root system has remained intact, you are usually advised to have a dental crown.

Dental crown is the replacement of missing teeth entirely. The dental crown is secured to the teeth on either side using a bridge section which connects the two dental crowns. Alternatively, single tooth dental implants can be placed. This eliminates the need for supporting the dental crowns so no bridge is required.

Should I have a dental crown?

Although you may be recommend the placement of a dental crown for a wide range of your oral problems. However, there are signals to suggest if you do need an artificial tooth or dental crown in general.                                
*The restoration of your teeth to its original shape.
*The strengthening of a weak tooth.
*To improve the esthetic appearance of a tooth.

However, most dental problems may be invisible and when you feel that problem which has become seriously indeed. So, regular visits to your dentist are the best policy to keep your mouth healthy.  
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