What is Periodontitis

Periodontitis is more commonly known as periodontal disease or gum disease. It is a progressive inflammatory disease of the gingival and the surrounding tissue (bone) around the teeth. Periodontits is the first cause of tooth loss after the age of 35. As most statistics show that  around 80% of the people who over age of 35 have higher rate of Periodontitis.

Stages of Periodontitis

There are many forms and stages of periodontits. The most common can be summarized as four stages introduced below:

The first stage of periodontitis- gingivitis  is the mild inflammation of the gingival caused by plaque build up in the mouth. The gingival will be red color, swollen, and tender. The gingivitis may also notice bleeding while you brush and floss. This stage of periodontitis is reversible.
Mild Periodontitis
Inflammation will spread out to the supporting alveolar bone. Minor bone loss and the formation of periodontal pockets, or food traps, may occur at this stage.


Moderate Periodontitis
In this stage, there will be increased gingival recession, moderate to deep pockets, moderate to severe bone loss, and mobility of teeth due to the bone loss.
Severe Periodontitis
This is the most serious stage of periodontitis. Deep pockets, increased mobility of teeth, movement of teeth out of position, and visible fistulas (boils) will be present in this stage. Pus may develop; bone loss continues, and your teeth may loosen or fall out.


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