The benefit of Waterlase® MD:

Since Waterlase® does not generate heat, vibration or pressure, it provide more comfort for patients.
*Acuuracy and precision
Waterlase® dentists are able to remove tooth enamel decay (the hardest substance in the body), bone and gum tissue precisely while leaving surrounding areas unaffected. This conserves and allows you to keep more of the healthy tooth structure.

Decay is present on the mesio-occlusal surface of #14.
The Waterlase MD allows for precise cavity preps with no pain, needles or drills (in most cases). Plus, you'll remove minimal amounts of tissue, helping the patient to preserve as much tooth structure as possible.
The composite restoration is placed within minutes of the procedure beginning, and the patient was sent on their way with no discomfort or no numb lip.
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*Reduce trauma
Waterlase® reduces damage to healthy portions of the tooth and minimizes trauma.
*Improved cavity fillings
Waterlase® cavity preparations can increase bond strength of tooth-colored restoration resulting in longer lasting fillings.
*Less bleeding
Due to its causes no heat and drill, the Waterlase® performs many soft tissue (gum) procedures with little or no bleeding and less post-op swelling.
*Fast recovery
Since Waterlase® shots, anesthesia and less hurt of your mouth, a Waterlase® operation also means fewer visits and fast recovery.


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